Does Hackney's Derelict Housing Have a Negative Affect on Residents?

If you've ever been to Hackney, the one thing you'll have noticed is the way things look around here: the surroundings, the shops, the tower blocks, and the seemingly endless number of council estates. I made a short commute to my local shop yesterday and in so doing took some time to absorb the surroundings. I thought to myself, this place is dirty!: shops covered in filth; intimidating tower blocks scattered systematically, even the borough's very own landmarked town hall looked like it could do with a wash. The place is depressing. It's not surprising then that young minds subjected to such environmental corrosion are often young minds whom lose there way in life. I'm not arguing that Hackney's filthy council estates are the catalyst for criminal behaviour, but I certainly believe that one's environment has a significant affect on one's mind.

Here's a quick look at some of Hackney's housing

It's no secret that the vast bulk of gangs that operate in Hackney are named after the housing estates in which they live or have association with. This factor crystallises the correlation, as I alluded to in an earlier post, with poverty, council estates, gangs and organised crime. These types of underpriviledged settings, rooted in urban decay, are the breeding grounds for societal disillusionment.

This song touches on the perspective of a person who lives in a grimey council estate setting


Hackney's Knightingale Estate' high-rise blocks, erected in the 60s were eventually demolished in November 2003.

Rush FM 92.3 was an illegal radio station that operated on the top of the Knightingale Estate, in Clapton E5

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