Crime in Hackney | Recent Bloodshed on Hackney's Streets

Man in 30s stabbed to death in Morning Lane, Hackney E9

Police officer shot at in Hackney, suspect charged with attempted murder

Young man shot dead in broad daylight on Chatsworth Road, Lower Clapton, Hackney E5

7th person charged with the murder of 17 year old male who was stabbed 15 times to his death in Hoxton, Hackney

4 teens sentenced to over 60 years between them for the murder of 17 year old male in Hackney

Two men charged for broad daylight shooting in Dalston, Hackney E8

20 yr old in critical condition after being stabbed on Mount Pleasant Hill, Upper Clapton, Hackney E5

Man shot on Southwold Road, Upper Clapton, Hackney E5

22 yr old stabbed in the neck and killed on Chatham Place, Hackney E9

Police attacked after youth stabbing on Chatsworth Road, Hackney E5

2 men hospitalised after being attacked whilst sitting in a car in London Fields, Hackney E8

21 yr old stabbed in Haggerston, Hackney

14 yr old charged with murder of 17 yr in Homerton, Hackney E9

Two teens arrested for murder of 19 yr old on Frampton Park Road, Hackney E9

Gang members jailed for Stoke Newington shooting

Teenager loses liver in pre-planned stabbing in Hackney E5

80% of crime in Hackney remains unsolved according to statistics

Three people shot in Homerton, Hackney E9

Two teens arrested after broad daylight murder of 20 year old in Homerton, Hackney E9

16 arrested following raids on Hackney gangs

3 men convicted of murder after having kidnapped a man in Stamford Hill, Hackney N16

Police call for witnesses following the murder of a man in Upper Clapton, Hackney E5

Lower Clapton, Pembury Estate gang members charged with Mac-10 machine gun plot

One stabbed and one murdered in Upper Clapton, Hackney E5

Man stabbed on Upper Clapton high road, Hackney E5

4 men charged with attempted murder of 16 year old in Lower Clapton, Hackney E5

19 year old shot dead in Lower Clapton, Hackney E5

Woman stabbed to death in Stoke Newington, Hackney N16

Man Murdered in Lower Clapton, Hackney E5

Several gunshots fired; two wounded on Evelyn Court, Amhurst Road, Hackney E8

Police raid Pembury Estate, Lower Clapton, Hackney E5

Youth violence breaks out in Hackney as Channel 4 cancels Top Boy auditions

Judge labels 16 year old Pembury Estate gang member "appallingly dangerous" following the youngster's involvement in a shoot-out on the Pembury Estate, Hackney E5

12 year old shot; 15 year old stabbed in Homerton, Hackney E9

Man charged with murder of 34 year old woman in Homerton, Hackney E9

Two arrests following the shootings of five people in Homerton, Hackney E9

5 people shot in Homerton, Hackney E9

Man shot in face on Burma Road, Hackney N16

Three shootings in three days in Hackney N16

Gunshots fired following stabbing on Hackney's Pembury Estate in lower Clapton

Gunshot fired at police in lower Clapton E5

One shot dead after a dispute between two Hackney men

A male of 22, and a woman of 24 stabbed whilst a 20 year old woman is abducted and found stabbed to death in Homerton E9

One male stabbed in Well Street E9 whilst another man in his 20's in critical condition after being shot on Upper Clapton Road E5

Teen stabbed outside Hackney Town Hall

Man in 20's Stabbed to death in Clapton E5

Two stabbed in gang related attack in Clapton E5

Three people shot in one week in Hackney

Man blasted with shotgun in Clapton E5

16 yr old stabbed in the neck on Kingsmead Estate, Hackney E9

Teen stabbed in Wick Road, E9

Two men aged 20 shot at Primrose Square E9

15 yr old shot in the head at London Fields E8

Two teens stabbed during fight in Hackney E5

Upper Clapton shooting latest: 10 Shots fired and 8 arrested as 23yr old shooting victim recovers in hospital

Male in his 20s fighting for his life after being gunned down on Upper Clapton Road, Hackney E5

Teen Stabbed in Hackney N16

Shot gun and ammo found whilst teen arrested in Hackney N16

19 yr old stabbed in Hoxton, Hackney N1

Man fighting for his life after broad daylight stabbing in Well Street, Hackney E9

16 yr old girl charged with firearm and ammo possession in Hackney

Man in his twenties stabbed in another broad daylight attack in Homerton, Hackney E9

Teen stabbed multiple times during gang attack in Hackney E5

Two more men charged with the killing of a 26 yr old woman in Hackney E9

19 Yr Old Beaten Up and Shot Five Times in Broad Daylight in Hackney E5

PCSO threatened by gunman in Hackney N16

Shots Fired in Hackney N16

Two teens charged with Stamford Hill broad daylight attempted murder in Hackney

Two men stabbed within a hour in Hackney

26 Year Old Man Stabbed in Hackney

Three teens convicted of the daylight assassination of a 29 Year Old Man in Hackney

Second shooting at London Fields, Hackney E8, within a fortnight

136 Arrests; large quantities of cash and class A drugs, 20 kilos of cannabis, and 4 firearms, including 1 mach-10 machine gun, seized in Hackney raids

Man shot at festival in Hackney E8

Teenage girl dies after shooting in Hackney N1

Teenage girl fighting for life after being shot in the neck in Hackney N1

Man in his 20's shot in Hackney E8

Woman victim of hit-and-run Hackney E5

Gun shots fired on Upper Clapton Road E5 in broad daylight

2 Stabbed in Hackney N16

17 yr old stabbed to death in Hackney N16

Shots fired outside nursery in Hackney N16

26 year old woman shot dead in Hackney E9

17 yr old shot in Hackney E8

23 yrd old stabbed in Hackney E5

3 men stabbed in Hackney E2

29 yr old shot in Hackney E8

Shots fired in Hackney E5

£750,000's worth of heroin, 43 arrests, and 10 knifes recovered in half-term blitz on youth-crime in Hackney

Are We as a Community Taking Our Issues with Crime Seriously?

Hackney, as many long-standing residents of the borough would themselves testify, has long had problems with crime. Robberies, and gun related crime in borough are significantly above the national average...

Here is some footage of the the Million Mothers' Anti-Knife crime march which took place in Hackney. Everyone was welcome to join the march. Noticeably, there are only a handful of people marching for such an important cause. What happened to the rest of community?

A Drug Dealer's Account of Life Growing Up on Hackney's De Beauvior Estate

This former drug dealer sheds light on life dealing drugs in one of London's poorest boroughs. Having grown up in Hackney, on the De Beauvoir Estate, he became drawn into a seductive life of crime. This short film touches on some of the consequences of leading a drug dealer lifestyle

Crime in Hackney: postcode-warfare

Are There Enough Activities for Hackney's Youth?

There is a growing concern amongst Hackney's residents that there are a lack of community based activities available to Hackney's youth. A lack of activities often means that Hackney's youth are without a range of constructive things to do. Constructive pass-times play a crucial part in a young person's life. If young people aren't able to direct their energies in a positive way, they can often end up going down the wrong path in life.

If you feel that there are a lack of youth based activites here in Hackney, please leave your thoughts below

Crime in Hackney -- can we as a community do anything about it?

Contrary to camouflaged reports, there is undoubtedly a serious problem with violent crime here in Hackney. Teenage violence, which is typically the result of tension amongst rival gangs, should be a concern to us all. Just the other day there were reports of two young teenagers, one carrying a gun; the other carrying a knife, chasing a 16 yr old boy down a Stoke Newington street. During the broad daylight chase, the youth carrying the gun opened fire (outside the Minihome Nursery in Allen road N16) at the fleeing youth. The 16 yr old managed to escape the barrage of bullets. But he may have ended up dead, children in the area at the time may have been caught up in the cross fire. Another family may have been mourning the loss of their loved one. Sadly this kind of brutal episode is simply another day in Hackney.

Here's a short account of teenage life in the borough

Gun crime in the borough is up by 25% and still rising; violence against the person is up; robberies in the borough are 8 times the national average, and tension amongst gangs is at a palpable high. My question is this: how long are we as Hackney residents going to wait before we begin to take these instances of vicious violence seriously?

I am all too often confronted by many Hackney residents of whom seem to have a habit of playing down the violence; playing down the shootings and stabbings and the inevitable tit for tat murders. They say things like, "oh... it ain't that bad," "I haven't had any problems," some even say "it's not my business, so it doesn't bother me."

I believe that this kind of blase attitude misses the point. It almost as if we've myopically become immune to these acts of callousness and thereby become content and uninterested in the problems that plague our streets. Hackney is where we all live, where many of our children are growing up. It seems as if many of us only become interested when someone close to us is caught up in the madness. This breakdown in community relationships is simply driving the already despondent youth into further ruin. You'll not be surprised to learn that all of the gangs in Hackney are named after the estates they live in. A point which only serves to strengthen the link between poverty, council estates and gangs.

Worringly, Hackney harbours the largest number of gangs; in fact, Scotland Yard indicated that Hackney had twice the gang problems of any other area in the country. And what are the government doing to tackle the problem?

I think the silence speaks volumes.

I believe we need to discuss the problems with youth violence and crime in the borough generally, as a community. All comments are welcome. - all rights reserved 2013